Fundraising in Uncertain Times: Making An Early Appeal in 2020

By susanlienau | March 26, 2020 | Uncategorized

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Bob Happy has nearly 35 years of experience providing expert leadership and direction to clients across the not-for-profit sector. During his career, Bob has served more than 2,000 clients and has guided them to raise more than $3,500,000,000.

Learn how to tackle fundraising in the age of COVID-19.

A question you may be asking right now:

“Our donors are reeling with the constantly changing realities of Covid-19. However, like many not-for-profits, our organization has new and urgent needs that can’t wait until Giving Tuesday or the end of the year. Is it okay to ask now?”

The short answer: Yes! Most not-for-profit organizations have their most successful month in December. Many suspect that this is due to tax ramifications; that isn’t true (studies confirm this). Their generosity is due to the spirit of the season and a sincere desire to help.

Today, organizations across the globe are facing uncertain times and a greater demand for their services. Competition for dollars is only going to get more intense, so it’s more important than ever to behave proactively. Regardless of the nature of your organization’s work, if Covid-19 is making it more difficult to meet needs and deliver on your mission, why not contact your end-of-year donors now, and ask them to “give early” in 2020? Phrase your request along these lines: “If you were planning on making a gift this year, would you consider making it now?” And remember: Asking your loyal supporters to give now is unlikely to preclude them from giving again later in 2020!

Averill Fundraising Solutions stands with you through these challenging times, and is available to provide further guidance for developing your appeal.

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