God’s Love We Deliver

By susanlienau | January 14, 2013 | 

Three years ago, God’s Love We Deliver found itself at a crossroads. With a critical lack of space, an expansion of our facility was necessary if we were to keep our promise of never turning away a client who needed our help.

Many people advised against launching a capital campaign in the face of a serious economic downturn, but without options for growth, we forged ahead. We had the pleasure of working with Bob Happy as an advisor to our campaign.

Bob helped us develop our case statement, conducted our feasibility study and helped us launch our campaign. He played a very important role in helping our stakeholders see that our $25M campaign was possible and in moving the effort forward. Bob worked closely with staff, the campaign steering committee and the Board of Directors to start us on a path to success.

Today, we have raised $20.2M of the $25M, and we expect to start our building project in the coming months. We thank Bob for his sage advice and leadership throughout this important initiative.

Karen Pearl
President & CEO
God’s Love We Deliver
New York, NY


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